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— Try to limit yourself in proteins of an animal origin, i.e. meat and meat products. Replace them with fish or the food containing vegetable proteins (soy products). Bean (though they and difficult are digested), escapes, nuts and seeds too contain many proteins.

Still you will achieve great success concerning weight reduction if once a week or in two weeks add the principle of separate food with day of the diet consisting of juice or only of fruit or vegetables.

In the industrial countries many decades can be considered as a problem not a lack of food, and - as it is cynical sounds – their surplus. Therefore and in a way of life we will constantly have to control and check our habits in food, whether really those products which we eat, have enough nutritious and vital substances for that way of life which we conduct.

It will be much easier for organism to acquire nutrients which come to it with food if you support its good shape easy gymnastics and the active movements. At least try at least once a day between affairs to walk upstairs, to make some inclinations and knee-bends or some minutes run about on a place. Practically in any place opportunity to do breathing exercises before an open window will be presented to you.

Big advantage of this form of food is the unlimited number of salads and fresh fruit. You can begin and finish with crude vegetables and fruit day, it is desirable that they made to 80 percent of all your food.

Pasta. From egg powder began to be skeptical about pasta not only after various scandals concerning contents of pasta of factory production. Many housewives prefer to cook dough for makaron or noodles of the house, for a long time thus as a basis use a flour with bran, certainly, of a fine crushing or sifted.

Separate types of seeds have various period of a prorashchivaniye. Most quicker sprout seeds of sunflower, wheat, chick-pea. They can be eaten in 2-3 days. Soybeans sprout 4-5 days and give tasty sprouts. Seeds of mustard will be ready approximately in a week, sprouts at them appear only in 6-7 days. Lucerne seeds are very interesting, they have especially tasty sprouts. Lentil sprouts within 4-6 days.

When Dr. Gey started propagandizing the new principles, meat was considered as especially valuable food product. The juicy stake or roast beef for most of people became a symbol of wellbeing and refined pleasure.

Eat slowly. Chew each slice and moisten with a saliva, especially if it is about the products rich with carbohydrates, for example, bread. Here process of digestion begins already in a mouth. If you eat slowly and quietly, to you the feeling of saturation will quicker come!

The good nutrition has to include only such fats which are made in the sparing way, that is by a cold extraction from the plants containing oils. In such a way the extracted oils do not heat up above 40 °C and as a result in them all vitamins remain. And expensive it is considered the most noble vegetable oil of the first extraction. For frying and suppression it is oil to use there is no sense, use it only for salads.

As for fats, it is necessary not only to limit them in the diet, but also to watch what sort fats come to food. Fats of an animal origin are digested more difficultly, than vegetable fats therefore their consumption should be limited especially to be satisfied with those fats which already contain in meat even better. It is important to consider that at the use of fat of requirement of an organism repeatedly become covered with nonsaturated fatty acids. Though they for it are also vital, however the organism is not able to make these acids independently and therefore they need to be delivered from the outside. However the set of nonsaturated fatty acids is present at some types of vegetable oils, first of all at burdock, corn and wheat oil, and also at the sunflower much. Fats of an animal origin contain saturated fatty acids in the majority.

If for you for any reason difficult scrupulously to divide products, protein-rich, and the products rich with carbohydrates, in one step food, at least, adhere to some other principles of modern separate food which we give further:

The couched seeds will be a vitamin-rich additive practically in any salads. They are very tasty in dishes with eggs, impact interesting relish as a stuffing in juicy pies, pizzas or pies, besides are a peculiar gas station for soups.