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Despite pronounced preventive character, measures of a sort are carried out forcibly, i.e. in the course of realization of legal powers of authority of competent authorities.

Measures such are diverse, are applied in various areas of life and various subjects with competence of control and supervising character. Generally they carry a branch profile, but can ­ and bodies with the general administrative competence.

as life is various, and orders are unambiguous, they should be published much that causes existence of many norms and instructions, aspire as it is possible to regulate activity of subordinates more stoutly;

The last are absent here. The object of management is put in such an when he starts acting properly not under the influence of instructions of the subject of management, and that its such is financially stimulated. Most often excitants are reduced to economic.

In scientific literature, in directive documents it is paid to a ratio of administrative and economic methods much attention. But it is of direct and indirect influence which is carried out on processes. In defense, education economic methods are applied ­, but other kinds of indirect influence are used widely.

- these are ways of influence of one person on other, one collective on another, one person on collective or collective on the person. In all cases the method of management acts as special communications of people;

Methods of any activity are various. Equally it and to methods of management because subjects of the power are various according to the destination, also the objects which are under their influence are various. But it does not exclude opportunity definitely to tituirovat the most significant properties and peculiar features inherent in them in their.