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The special case of management of energy at which management process is smooth and unambiguous and the operated power exceeds the managing director, carries the name of strengthening of power or simply strengthening; the device exercising such control is called the amplifier.

For calculation of dividing Sr1 and Sr2 condensers it is necessary to be set by coefficient of frequency distortions at the lower working frequency of MNR brought by this condenser, distributing the set admissible distortions of MH = 2 dB between dividing Sr and blocking SE condensers. Let

Amplifiers of low frequency are characterized by the big attitude of the highest working frequency towards the lowest lying within 10 - 500 for amplifiers of sound frequencies and exceeding 105 for some types of video amplifiers. Amplifiers with the highest working frequency about hundreds kilohertzes and above, at the same time having big relation of the highest working frequency to the lowest, usually are called as broadband amplifiers.

It is easy to see that in this case it makes sense to use a magnetic conductor with the minimum area of section of the core therefore we accept USh15H15 magnetic conductor (the area of cross section is accepted equal 2,25 cm.