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Six creative ways to the discipline of sociology

Not only the understanding of an emotional condition of other person, but also expression own can cause problems. It can be connected with that the person did not acquire the emotions accepted in the society of forms of expression, or with fear of self-checking loss (generally at too emotional people), or with fear of a public censure.

By suggestion example by means of a situation it was shown in Maslou's experiments. One examinees considered photos in elegantly arranged room, others in the room with signs of a disorder and desolation. During experiment it was revealed that the second group of examinees identified photos differently, than the first, generally attributing the shown images negative value (despondency – anger; interest – confusion, etc.)

If to speak about a front expression as about a factor of nonverbal communication, it is necessary to consider a conventional mimicry and a spontaneous mimicry separately though together they make uniform system of a prasemika.

Degree of emotional expressivity is one of major factors of the organization of the interpersonal relations. Both the excessive expressivity, and inability to show own emotional state can cause negative reaction of people around. Ya. Reykovsky claims that mastering the emotional expression by means of learning is one of the main objectives and problems in the course of socialization of the person.

"The understanding of language of emotions demands not only knowledge of the general norms of expression of the emotions typical for this society. It demands still ability and readiness to specific language of surrounding people and to be trained in it.